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The house of literature Lettrétage enrichens the development of Berlin as a capital of literary culture, by triggering new and innovative impulses with curated, international projects. Special focus lies in particular with the quest of finding new ways to impart literature, which go beyond the conventional ´glass-of-water-reading` as we know it: New technical formats like e.g. readings from – or discussions with authors via skype (cf. literary sequel ´Luces in the skype – Young authors from Spain´), the integration of urban spaces that have so far remained unexplored in the name of literature (e.g. poetry readings on public transport) and the deconstruction of the traditional roles of the presenter, the author who reads and the audience who is read to. Most of all, it is the take on an interdisciplinary perspective, engaging literature in a dialogue with Visual Arts, Music and Dance, that enables the conveyance of contemporary and classical literature in a sense appropriate of our time.

Furthermore the Lettrétage discloses new forms of public relations and documentation. E.g. broadcasting events per livestream or public relations via the blog Lettré@tagebuch in combination with forms of communication specifically tailored towards the respective Social Media. (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

The team of the Lettrétage also explicitly supports the diversity and fragmented nature of the various, sometimes multilingual literary scenes in Berlin. Bilingual literary journals, ambitious small-sized publishing houses, innovative author-projects, translation-initiatives and much more, offer an impressive spectrum of space for literary action. Networks, ideas and actors create a lively literary culture and contribute tremendously towards the cultural radiance of Berlin. An essential part of the Lettrétage´s programme composition is the preservation of the liveliness and diversity of these distinct scenes in Berlin. By absorbing their impulses and offering them a platform, the Lettrétage breaks with the hitherto customary boundaries between the supported literary establishment and the free literary scene.

Lettrétage – House of Literature

In September 2006, Moritz Malsch, Tom Bresemann, and Katharina Deloglu founded Lettrétage, a venue for literary readings and performances in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Located in a beautiful 19th-century mansion, Lettrétage hosts about seven to nine readings a month, including readings by authors and actors, presentations by publishing houses, magazine- and book-release readings, as well as writers’ conferences. Over the past six years our program has encompassed both major happenings such as the Botenstoffe conference – bringing together well-known German and Argentinian authors like Lola Arias, Nora Bossong, Pablo Ramos, Tilman Rammstedt, Laura Alcoba, and Felix Bruzzone – and smaller events presenting authors from Berlin’s literary scene.

Despite of its French-sounding name, Lettrétage focuses on contemporary Literature from German-speaking countries, especially by young authors, poetry, as well as literature from the Spanish-speaking world. That said, our idea is to open up a space for any kind of German and international literature we consider worth presenting. It’s part of our vision to be a stage for literary encounters at eye level, aesthetic experiments, new forms of literary presentation, and lively debate about today’s and tomorrow’s literature. To date the list of our cooperation partners has included: the Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD, the Berlin Embassies of Uruguay, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, the Instituto Cervantes, the Iberoamerikanisches Institut, the Österreichisches Kulturforum, the Heinrich‐Heine‐Gesellschaft, as well as numerous publishing houses and bookshops. Individual events have been supported by: the Bezirksamt

Friedrichshain‐Kreuzberg, the Berliner Senat, the Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Kulturstiftung des Bundes, the Spanish Ministry of Culture, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft literarischer Gesellschaften und Gedenkstätten (ALG), the Verein Berliner Kaufleute und Industrieller (VBKI), Pro Spanien, the Pro Helvetia Foundation, the Rosenbaum‐Stiftung, and the Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung.

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