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Norbert Lange: To Say A Poem

JK —  18. April 2017 — 1 Kommentar

Norbert Lange writing to Mathias Traxler about ‚Haut-Parleurs‘, a literary event which was conceived and presented by both Harald Muenz and Mathias Traxler in the Lettrétage on the 23th February 2017 as part of the ‚CONT_TEXT‘ project.  (For further information about the event and its preparation, see here: video, photos, artists‘ discussions during preparation. Original text by Norbert Lange in German.)

Translation: Alice Bibbings



Dear Mathias,

That was a great reunion! And also a lovely opportunity to refresh the themes that we often come back to in our conversations together. The right word to describe the Robin Blaser’s way with words occurred to me afterwards on the way home. It wasn’t ‚elegance‘ that I was thinking of and that I first tried to explain to you, even though that is most certainly a characteristic of Blaser’s poetry; rather, the word I was looking for was ‚attentiveness‘. I like to think that you can hear just how much or how little room poets give words in their poetry. When I listen to Blaser (and I had the same impression when listening to Harald Muenz and yourself) I can sense that a certain attention has been paid to the words that allows them to really express themselves. It shows that the words have be treated with real care, as you become aware of just how sensitive they are and equally of the wrath that they can unleash if they are not handled properly. Sensitivity and fragility are not synonymous, after all.


Für diejenigen die es verpasst haben und auch für die, die dabei waren und sich noch mal erinnern mochten… kommt ein kurzer Film zur zweiten CON_TEXT Veranstaltung „Haut-Parleurs“ mit Mathias Traxler und Harald Muenz!



Die nächste Veranstaltung erfolgt schon morgen, 14.03. in der Lettrétage um 20 Uhr, mit Kinga Tóth und Doro Billard!

Impressionen des zweiten Abends der CON_TEXT Veranstaltung mit Mathias Traxler und Harald Muenz, am 23.02.2017 in der Lettrétage: