SOUNDOUT! New Ways of Presenting Literature

International Literature Festival / Berlin / 24/5/2014 – 1/6/2014

Aus unserer Shortlist: Forte, Nóbrega, Zíngano

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KM. 0 >>>>

Cristian Forte, Eríca Zíngano, and Luísa Nóbrega

The first stage comprehend a series of interventions in the public spaces. It consists in 4 actions/performances taking place in the city of Berlin and its surroundings, with the participation of both German and foreign writers/artists. We believe the registers of actions and interventions to be a peculiar kind of writing. All the different traces (textual, visual, sound register, etc.) left by these actions are going to be part of the installation to be created in the following stage, 00.


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Aus unserer Shortlist: Mykhed et al.

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Amnesia project: an open platform is a literary and artistic international multimedia project of Ukrainian young writer and curator Oleksandr Mykhed on the internet representing numerous interpretations of the literary text and the concept of memory.

The project implements this concept in several dimensions, including music, visual and video art. It aims to set up an open platform which will create conditions for creative dialogue between literature, art, music and the audience and gained great success in Ukraine during the last year. The basis of the project is AmneZia, the book by Oleksandr Mykhed which was published in Ukraine in 2013.

The central powerful component of the Amnesia project is the works of ten young famous artists who have contributed new pieces based on specially selected fragments that resonate with their earlier practices. The artists who participated in the project are Yaroslav Solop, Pymin Davidov, Oleksiy Say, Gamlet Zinkovskiy, Nikita Shalennyi, Stepan Ryabchenko, Serhii Radkevych, Marko Halanevych from the Ukraine, Giorgi Makharashvili from Georgia and Alexei Shinkarenko from Belarus.

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Aus unserer Shortlist: Wenrich

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Robert Wenrich

It is daily routine in offices around the world:
White collars turn into storytellers as soon as the video projector fires up. Soon they ravish about surprising growth twists and adventurous business opportunities; all on the back of bullet points and history charts.

Their “stories” are wired together by ubiquitous presentation programs like PowerPoint that helped standardize thought and speech and markets everywhere; it’s the glue that makes business communication happen.

This development has gone so far that even open-minded lefties did set their alarm clocks to late after midnight just to watch the story-struck keynote speeches of the late Steve Jobs; a pervert spectacle to witness. Weiterlesen →

Aus unserer Shortlist: Khaleed, Alexandropoulos

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Timos Alexandropoulos & Jazra Khaleed

Do computers write poetry? Can a poet beat a machine in a poetry battle? Do the social media redefine the way poetry is produced and performed?


Through a specially designed code, a computer chooses randomly phrases from a predetermined Twitter hashtag and a database of verses which are selected by the artists. The phrases and the verses from the two sources are combined partly randomly and partly following a given pattern. By applying some certain restrictions (e.g. the number of syllables or words in each verse), a poem is created. At the same time, sound events are being produced by estimating the number of the letters of every incoming word as well as the total volume of the incoming data.

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Aus unserer Shortlist: Inglese, delle Monache, Cospito

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Andrea Inglese & Stefano delle Monache & Giovanni Cospito


Andrea Inglese is a poet, essayist and translator and currently lives in Paris. Together with sound designer Stefano delle Monache he brings a sound/text event to the SOUNDOUT! Festival in Berlin.

Andrea: „In general, it’s argued that contemporary poetry doesn’t have readers because it’s composed in an obscure language, difficult to read. My own experience, however, tells me that the number of its listeners is without doubt much greater than the number of its readers. At poetry reading events, people who aren’t consistent poetry readers are capable of listening and become touched by the experience in important, profound ways.“

Thus, Andrea Inglese became convinced that a fundamental condition for poetry’s existence as a genre is a “listening space” inside which one may facilitate, and also strengthen, the transmission and circulation of poetic texts.

Andrea: “I believe that the texts I write have two lives, two dimensions: one is auditory, and adept at establishing an immediate contact with the public, while the other is silent, asking for reading and then re-reading in silence.”

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Aus unserer Shortlist: Ernesto Estrella Cozár

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Ernesto Estrella Cozár

The questions have changed. And so have the materials and the offer. It’s already here! Yes, agreed. A systematic dismantling of our cultural yawn is needed. So, for the occasion, we have crafted three actions. To interrupt your day. And your night. That is: a two-day constellation that will tickle your routine, bring a rub and a rush to your habits, and leave lasting traces in the weather of your senses.

A constellation of the collective and the unexpected: that is Ernestos’ goal. So he offers you three angles (and a crew of 14 talented angels), for the spring days of May 25th and May 26th : a) An itinerant fair for tactile poetry; b) An occultist gathering to summon ancient Greek poet Sappho for an author talk; c) A musical-poetic intervention that places the audience, emotionally and physically, at the center of the act of reading.

Sounds, moves, textures, and words that have gone up to now unperceived. Ernesto and his companions have set them up, sharpened them. But they were already here. And so were you.

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Aus unserer Shortlist: The Poetry Machine

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Harriet Sandilands, Alena Widows, Julien Villegas, Emilie Delcourt

poetry machine headpiece_klein
The Barcelona based artists Harriet Sandilands, Alena Widows, Julien Villegas and Emilie Delcourt want to bring us their Poetry Machine to the SOUNDOUT! Festival in Berlin. They will present their anthology: Jorge’s Machinations and communicate the transformative quality of poetry in a real and interactive way. Those who enter The Poetry Machine, enter a magical and imaginative world…

We have learned that everyone, from builders and butchers, to teachers and chefs, has a poem inside of them. We have tried The Poetry Machine on people of all ages, genders and nationalities and have found not only that it always works, but that some kind of magic occurs when people recognise their own words in a poem. Elderly people have been especially in tune with the workings of The Poetry Machine, seeing it as a way to access unheard or “lost” memories and language deep inside of them.

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Andrea Inglese, Stefano delle Monache, Giovanni Cospito

Cristian Forte, Eríca Zíngano, Luisa Nóbrega
Argentinien, Brasilien

Harriet Sandilands, Alena Widows, Julien Villegas, Emilie Delcourt
Großbritannien, Spanien, USA

Oleksandr Mykhed, Marko Halanevych, Taras Halanevych, Zhene Slovyan, Alevtina Kakhidze, Aleksei Shinkarenko

Robert Wenrich

Jazra Khaleed und Timos Alexandropoulos

Ernesto Estrella Cozár