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International Literature Festival / Berlin / 24/5/2014 – 1/6/2014

Sanakuva Collective – Dada Generator

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It might be challenging to familiarize with conceptual poetry and permeate its (academic) theories and practices – Sanakuva Collective aims to bridge the gap, all while asking serious questions in artistic and conceptual poetry, like: who is the author?

Sanakuva Collective presented a Dada Generator, which creates nonsense poems out of material that was collected of 20 years by the author Heikki Saure. He picked up discarded pieces of paper, i.e. trash from the streets. The only requirement being that the paper should include handwritten text. The amassed collection is a story, a poem in itself by ordinary Finns.

A sample of one of the Dada poems:

Embarrassing moments
Standard words
of everyday life
“Frog’s legs”
And you find yourself’

Trash poem competition

Besides the generator the collective also proposed a dance performance that is inspired by early 1900 Cabaret Voltaire, which uses a soundscape originating from the same street source material and will investigate how to turn them into Dadaistic moving and living stories.

Sanakuva Collective is a multidisciplinary group that was established in Finland in early 2013 by dance artist Meri-Tuuli Risberg, designer Marion Robinson and author Heikki Saure. It is an experimental platform where poetry and literary texts are interpreted via means of design, dance, photography, video and sound to be presented as literary interventions taking shape online and at live events.


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