SOUNDOUT! New Ways of Presenting Literature

International Literature Festival / Berlin / 24/5/2014 – 1/6/2014

SOUNDOUT! Award goes to „KM0“ (Argentinia/ Brazil) and „Poetry is just words in the wrong order“ (Greece)!

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We are happy to announce the winners of the SOUNDOUT! Award that was given equally to two projects of the Festival Shortlist!

On Sunday, 1st of June 2014, the international jury, Chantal Neveu, Heidrun Primas and Laura Serkosalo, awarded „KM0“ by Cristian Forte, Érica Zíngano, Luísa Nóbrega and Nacho Buk (Argentinia/Brazil) and „Poetry is just words in the wrong order“ by Jazra Khaleed, Timos Alexandropoulos and Antonios Kalagkatsis (Greece).

Extract from the jury decision: „By a lot of fragmentation and discontinuity they give us an opportunity to make a new reading of the reality as poetry can do. These two performances persuaded us to come out of the comfort zone fearless and tolerating the chaos in and around us being able to do a fresh arrangement with the words in new order.“

„KM0“ is an installation/collage in which the texts, video, audio works and artworks of the artists’ STAGE 0 PROJECTS were assembled. The installation also worked as a stage for different actions such as readings and performances and aimed to explore transdisciplinary crossroads between writing, sound, image and action.

„Poetry is just words in the wrong order“ proposed a new, unconventional way of creating and presenting poetry based on improvisation, language and sound experimentation, fragmentation and randomness. Through a specially designed code, a computer chose randomly phrases from a predetermined Twitter hashtag and a database of verses. Thus a new poem was created. The fragmented language of the performance enabled both the artists and the audience to rethink and redescribe the social order through poetry.

We congratulate the awarded artists’ groups and would like to thank all participants and our jury for a week full of interesting projects, ideas, conversations and thoughts!

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