SOUNDOUT! New Ways of Presenting Literature

International Literature Festival / Berlin / 24/5/2014 – 1/6/2014

SOUNDOUT! Award – The Jury Statement

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Berlin, June 2nd 2014

The Soundout! Festival’s prize was given to two artist groups. The performances were named “KM. 0“ and “Poetry is just words in the wrong order”.

KM. 0:
Cristian Forte, Eríca Zíngano, Luísa Nóbrega, Nacho Buk

Poetry is just words in the wrong order:
Jazra Khaleed, Timos Alexandropoulos, Antonios Kalagkatsis

We as the jury wanted to highlight the subtitle of the Soundout! Festival „New Ways of Presenting Literature“ as a true experiment of new ways of being present through literature.

This important initiative made by Lettrétage is a manifest offering a platform for sharing, opening, connecting and experimenting literature in many ways. Many of the performances used high and low technology and different media including social media but the performances were finally true meeting points in real life between the artists – and their audience.

The opportunity to be together in this multilinguistic atmosphere and community has offered all the participants not only a vibrant and rich week of experiences but an overview of other groups of artists in the creation and presentation of poetry. The audience had a constant experience of being in translation, in motion between words, languages and interpretations.

Both winners together give a chance to illustrate simultaneous, dynamic, different types of topology through polysemic writing.

The first group, „KM. 0“, starting from point zero and creating a whole topology of enlarging individuality into community managed to do a mapping of territory. The second, „Poetry is just words in the wrong order“, collecting from a large pool of both dynamic and static textual material, e. g. poems, verses, phrases and tweets, managed to create one new singular poem performed at the same time as created. These two performances also showed strong empowerment of the body as a mediator more than egocentric self-expression. Without deficit of subjectivity and pretentious acting they gave us the chance to feel the commitment of their very own bodies dealing with the undecidable and risk taking.

These two performances together created a dynamic link mirroring each other in reversal approaches. By celebrating these two different projects the jury also wanted to remind of the existence of varied and sometimes opposite solutions or means to
handle poetry and art – all being relevant in different projects and aims.

By a lot of fragmentation and discontinuity they give us an opportunity to make a new reading of the reality as poetry can do. These two performances persuaded us to come out of the comfort zone fearless and tolerating the chaos in and around us being able to do a fresh arrangement with the words in new order.

In these performances the notions of both esthetic and ethic issues were strongly evoked as the Soundout! Festival invited us to share and to discuss. The serious questions were handled with the means of artistic approach but not in an anxious, cynical or severe way. A lot of trust in joy and playfulness were present during the whole week.

The potential and varied literary, philosophic and socio-political references were evoked in many of the performances. The trust in literature and in poetry was manifested by all artists of the festival week, both in the contest series and in the fringe program.

The Soundout! Festival created a fertile ground for a new network between the Berlin based artists and those from abroad allowing new collective projects to emerge in the future.

The jury: Chantal Neveu, Heidrun Primas and Laura Serkosalo

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